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Connect with costumers through 24/7 Call Center Services

All of our inbound and outbound call center services are designed to address customer needs around the clock. 24/7 Call Center offers professional support solutions operating with optimal expertise to keep your customers satisfied and loyal.

Guaranteed availability is what really appeals to an audience, and 24/7 Call Center offers professional support solutions operating with optimal expertise to keep your customers satisfied and loyal.

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24/7 Call Center Provides All The Facilities For A Better Work Environment

Our facilities provide the most welcoming and productive work environment full of charismatic, trust-worthy and professional call agents with qualifications of high expertise, and up-to-date with today’s contemporary soft skills. Meeting our team will be one of the highlights of making the choice to work with us, on top of great customer experience and growing revenues.

Flexible Private Office
Fully Custom Space
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Most Affordable Co-Working Place In The City​​

Through our call center services we take great pride in our inclusivity in terms of prices, as we like to exclusively practice what we preach, and that is affordability for all. This is because we believe that every business needs a qualitative relationship with its customers, and we are more than happy to be that bridge.

Membership Package
Dedicated Office Package
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24/7 Call Center Inbound Services

When you outsource your inbound services to us, we will be there for your customers when you can’t so you never miss an opportunity.

24/7 Call Center Outbound Services

Our Outbound Services are designed to be seamless extensions of your customer support, and sales and brand building strategies, which will optimize your operational performance and customer service.

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Our Services

Inbound Services

Outsourcing your Inbound Services to 24/7 Call Center means that we will be there picking up calls, returning emails and texts, and at your customers' disposal on live chat 24/7.

Outbound Services

With our Outbound Services you will generate new leads like never before on top of superb telemarketing, customers surveys, customer win-back and market research services.

Enterprise Services

We provide the best-in-class enterprise contact center services. These services ensure your customers get a superior experience every time they contact you.

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Still not sure whether you should trust us with this leap of faith? Here is a FAQ Section

Our employees are pre- prepared through trainings to be able to handle any type of call or situation, specific to every project. In addition, extensive experience with your business, website, correspondence and clientele will make our agents even more specialized for your business’s costumer needs.

At 24/7 Call Center, we consider client data confidentiality one of our biggest priorities. That being said, we will ensure that all your data, logins, passwords, and other information you choose to share with us, will be dealt with in absolute confidence. All our employees are obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they start working, and anything close to its violation is seriously frowned upon and compensated with adequate severity.

At 24/7 Call Center, we have a firm never lose an opportunity policy. Therefore, we make sure to promptly attend to voicemails  and even call costumers back when they choose not to leave a message. In other words, your costumers’ concerns will never be left unattended

We absolutely understand that clients can feel apprehensive to give outsourcing a try, but we also assure you to make this experience as comprehensive and smooth as possible. We have adequate representatives that will instruct you through the process of outsourcing your work to a foreign country.

As the name of our Call Center Agency suggests, we are committed to work 24 hours a day, the whole year round.

Multitasking in 24/7 Call Center is strictly discouraged, as we are aware that shifts the focus of our employees, and we want to make sure our clients’ specific needs are met at the highest efficiency and commitment.

We tend to plan and start our work only when we have received the payment prior to beginning of the call support process. We exclusively hold the right to suspend, terminate, or delay our services if the payment is not done in advance.

Either fill a sign-up form or talk to our representative. Then, you will receive a customized service contract, which you will need to agree to, sign, which is then proceeded by the required payment. From that point on we will adequately train our staff for your business, and start correspondence with your costumers.

We at 24/7 Call Center, are strongly committed to our values of inclusivity. Therefore, we attempt to create long lasting relationships with companies of various sizes. From businesses that are just starting out to high end corporates.