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With our call screening services we make sure your team personally receives only the calls that matter to your growth!

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With 247 Call Center, you will only get the calls that you need to serve your customers, and generate leads. Say goodbye to annoying telemarketers.

Take Advantage of Our Customizable Services!

Script Control

Decide what calls you want transferred. Script Controls is how you indicate to us if you want certain calls transferred, or you just want to take a message.

Warm patch

Warm patching is an integral part of our call screening services. We take the callers' names, surnames, and company names. We patch them all together and send them to you.

The Time of Day

Decide when you want your calls transferred. Are you available to take calls 24/7? or just on business days? We can customize the time on your terms.

Take control of your day.

Our Call Screening Services agents will pull you away form any of your distractions or unnecessary engagements to make sure you have the most productive day.

Agent talking with Customer about Relationship and Win-Back
Agent talking with client

Top-Notch customized call screening Services

Whether we transfer calls, or take a message or not, that will be done on your terms. That being said, you will have the chance to customize the calls we take, at what time of day we take them, and what do we do with specific calls from certain people. 

remain responsive across devices

We will set automatic screening mechanisms not only for your calls, but also for your emails. You will never have to worry about interruptions stifling the productivity of your day. 

Agent talking with client