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Useful Phrases For Your Customer Support Representatives

Providing good customer service is essential to the growth of a business, but interactions can become frustrating for both reps and customers without the right words and phrases. Lucilky, this problem can be solved by simply mastering the right customer service words and phrases.  In this article, we will reveal the top customer service phrases, power words, language, and vocabulary that every rep needs to master in order to deliver exceptional customer service Whether the situation calls you to empathize, apologize, reassure, or help customers, these examples will help you find the perfect response. By mastering these simple yet effective customer service vocabulary you’ll be able to effortlessly handle any conversation, create loyal customers, and boost your key metrics. 

1. “Nice to meet you.”

Using this warm greeting establishes a positive tone for the call. Starting things off on the right foot can go a long way as a welcoming phrase makes the customer feel valued. Moreover, if you go the extra mile to introduce yourself, you can actually help the business build a solid relationship with the customer. 

2. “How do you prefer to be addressed?”

This is a casual phrase yet very important if you want to make a solid first impression. Asking this question leads to better-personalized interactions in the future. This friendly yet very professional phrase shows respect and value for the customer.

3. “How may I assist you today?”

This is a classic customer service phrase. By asking this direct question, you go straight to the point of letting the customer know that you’re ready to listen and solve their needs without wasting any of their valuable time.

4. “I’m happy to help.”

If you use this at the beginning of the call, then you set a positive tone that shows the customer that you really want to help them. However, if you use it at the end of the call, it shows you were pleased to provide a solution and finish the interaction in a positive and professional manner. Either way, you are leaving a good impression by using this warm phrase.

5. “Great question! I will find the answer for you.”

One thing about providing good customer service is that you can’t possibly know the answers to all the issues raised by the customers. Using this response shows the customer that you’re committed to accuracy instead of rushing and providing incorrect information. 

6. “Is it okay if I place you on a brief hold?”

If you need a few extra minutes to gather context on the issue raised by the customer, it’s better to put them on hold to avoid awkward silence. Make sure to ask for permission first using this polite phrase. Using this phrase shows that you value the customer’s time and feelings throughout the interaction. No customer will say no to this phrase.

7. “I’ve read through your previous conversations with our team.”

Many customers find it annoying to repeat information, especially if they’re calling back after an unanswered query. Acknowledging and empathizing with their previous outreaches builds goodwill. 

8. “Thank you for taking the time to explain that.”

Sometimes customers face issues that may take some time to explain. Using this phrase after they explain their negative experience with the company, shows that you empathize with the frustration they feel. 

9. “Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood anything.”

Sometimes customers call in with issues you never had to solve before. Saying this phrase after you repeat and summarize their details, helps you better understand the issue. By saying this phrase, you confirm that you’re on the same page with the customer.

10. “I understand how frustrating that must be.”

Using this phrase lets the customer know you’re on their team and understand their viewpoint. Validating their feelings demonstrates your compassion and assures the customer you’re willing to help them.

11. “That would upset me, too.”

This is yet another phrase to show the customer that you identify with their feelings and help create an interaction where you’re both working to find a solution together. Once again this shows that you’re on the customer’s team ready to help them with anything.

12. “I’m sorry you’re going through this.”

If you want to show integrity, then being genuinely apologetic and taking ownership for causing distress is a great way to approach the situation. Stating this conveys a high level of commitment that turns any situation from awkward to positive.

13. “While we’re unable to do that, here’s what we can do.”

As a customer service representative, you won’t always have a solution ready for the customer. A terrible way to handle these situations is saying no. Instead you should be able to offer  alternative solutions that your customers will appreciate. Framing your commitment around an effective alternative solution keeps the focus on the customer’s needs.

14. “Here’s one way we can resolve this issue.”

Establish authority and expertise by positioning yourself as an advisor making a consultative recommendation. Using this phrase allows you to propose solutions that will work and keep the conversation professional. 

15. “I will make sure this gets resolved quickly.”

Using this phrase conveys to the customer that you’re personally invested in finding a solution that meets their needs. By proposing an immediate solution you assure them that their concerns are a top priority.

Phrases to avoid saying to the customer 

Quality customer service is based on having good communication skills. Here is a list of phrases you should avoid at all costs if you want to sound professional, empathetic, and in control of the call: 
  • I will look into it.
  • No.
  • There’s nothing I can do.
  • That’s not correct.
  • I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
  • Please hold.
  • I’m not seeing you in our system…


To sum up, effective communication skills are an essential tool for delivering quality customer service. By mastering these customer service phrases, customer service representatives can effortlessly handle any conversation no matter the difficulty level, empathize with customers, and guide interactions to positive resolutions.

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